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Add maintenance history log under property and tenancy

Reardon Properties 2 years ago • updated by Landlord Vision Admin 6 months ago 6

We would like to be able to log maintenance completed under the property and tenancy.

It would be good to add the maintance in the tenancy, then tick a box that also uploads the information to the property so we can keep track of work carried out.


Ability to record white/brown goods - make/model/warranty details

Karen Scott 2 years ago • updated by Gemma Miller 4 months ago 5

Most appliances come with warranty. We have used this to get things fixed without cost and it would be very helpful to have a place to record these by property. The details I feel would be useful are;

  • Make / model/ description
  • Warranty details - duration, supplier, date when warranty runs out
  • Have the option to print these details on the tenant information sheet
  • Ability to attach operating instructions and other associated documents
  • Hold this in the property section for each house (other people may want by room but we don't do multi tenancy)

Smoke Alarms

richard courtenay 2 years ago • updated by Landlord Vision Admin 9 months ago 3

From Forum Post by

A function many landlords may find useful would be to record details of
smoke and Co alarms within their properties. A smoke/co alarm has an
effective life normally of around 10 years after which they need to be
replaced (the manufacturer will normally print the replacement date on
the unit) this could be set as an early warning event and calendar
entry. Additional information that could be recorded

Location: Property/Room

Make & Model

Date installed

Replacement Date

Type: Smoke/Co

Power: Wired/Battery/Both

Battery Type: 9v/AA

Date battery replaced

Date Tested


To be able to enter 1 invoice against different properties.

Michelle PEARL 2 years ago • updated by Landlord Vision Admin 2 months ago 8

For example I get 1 invoice from my gas supplier but he has carried gas saftey checks at multiple properties. At the moment I have to enter the invoice 4 times and allocate each one to a different property.


Scan or photo receipts/expenses

Clocktower 1 year ago • updated by howard walker 11 months ago 3

It would be very handy if i could scan or photo  receipts/expenses and import into the Accounts similar to Tap1.

Under review

integration with bank

Daryl Pickthall 2 years ago • updated by Geoffrey Nelson 2 months ago 8

It would save a fair amount of time to have a system where you link to your bank and refresh the transactions. This saves you from logging in, downloading as csv then uploading again.

This system is in use with Waveapps and I think that 3rd parties offer it as a chargeable integration.


Expiry dates for certificates should be highlighted RED

Gulnaz Iqbal 2 years ago 0

Visual reminders can be very helpful. I think highlighting expiry dates in RED would help identify upcoming certificates etc. I also think that if for example, your early warning is for 1 month, the expiry date should be YELLOW leading up to the expiry date.


text messaging intergration

Haroon Siddique 2 years ago • updated by James Ross 4 months ago 8

We would like to be able to send SMS messages to tenants. this would be great when we need to remind them of something important or when we can get in touch by phone.


Digital Signatures on Moving in Documents

Reardon Properties 2 years ago • updated by Landlord Vision Admin 9 months ago 4

It would be great if we could use something like singable to have our documents digitally signed.
This would also need to be integrated into the mail merge section, so we can use other documents too.

This would save a lot of time, it would be great to get everything digitlally signed, then we just turn up to the property with keys.


Add "Useful & Emergency Numbers" section

richard courtenay 2 years ago 0

Would be good to have a heading for Useful & Emergency Numbers, maybe under Property Essentials. These could then be printed on the Welcome Pack for use by the tenant.

At the moment I am putting these under Property Essentials-Other features, but a dedicated heading would be useful.